Smarter Safety supplies absolutely everything you need for your IMS Integrated Management System

  • Safety, Quality & Enviro Management Policies & Procedures

  • SWMS, SWP, SDS, Inductions, Mobile Plant Pre-Starts

  • Site Hazard ID & Toolbox Meeting,  Incident Reports

  • Safety Plan, Internal Audit, Plant Risk Assessments, etc, etc.

Plus our Smarter Safety guarantee...

"You will never again be disadvantaged due to ineffective Health, Safety, Quality & Enviro paperwork and your compliance management will no longer be a burden!"

We deliver a 100% personalised IMS Integrated Management System to every client with...

  • All Work Health & Safety (WHS) / Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) needs,

  • All Safety, Quality & Environment Policies, Procedures & Forms,

  • All Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS),

  • All Safe Work Procedures and Personalised Induction Booklets,

  • All Site Specific Safety Plans and Mobile Powered Plant Risk Assessments,

  • All personalised templates for Plant Operator Pre-Start Safety Checklist and Fault Report, Audit Report, Site Specific Induction & Toolbox Meeting Record, Incident Report and more, very much more...


All Online…

Everything above is provided online on your own secure password controlled web page. We call it SmarterScreen and it is! Your complete IMS can be accessed 24/7 from a ‘puter, tablet or mobile phone.

Included modules…
ONLINE Plant Register
ONLINE Plant Risk Assessments
ONLINE Safety Data Sheet Register
ONLINE Safety Data Sheets
ONLINE Library with some 2,000 files

and it is always compliant…
Smarter Safety is continually updating every client's electronic copy in the background ensuring systems at the coal face are always up to date & fully compliant. Updates are due to Legislation, Coroner findings, Magistrate decisions and best industry practice.

OPTIONAL integrated modules should you choose to use them...

1. ONLINE Mobile Powered Plant Pre-Starts

The law says you must have a Pre-Start completed for every item of plant before it commences work that day.  Manage this in the traditional manner by printing books and following up to ensure they are completed, collected, checked and filed or, set everyone up as USERS on SmarterScreen and let Plant Operators access Pre-Starts online via their own smart phone - even signing on screen.

2. ONLINE Site Hazard / Toolbox Meetings

The law says you must have a Site Hazard / Toolbox Meeting completed every day on every work site. Manage this in the traditional manner by printing books and following up to ensure they are completed, collected, checked and filed or set everyone up as USERS on SmarterScreen and let them participate in Hazard / Toolbox Meetings online via a smart phone with all signing on screen.

3. ONLINE Crew and Depot Audits

To maximise your compliance history, these need to be done and recorded from time to time. Manage this in the traditional manner by going to the office to obtain a form, going off and completing the audit, then returning the document to the office to be filed or take out your mobile phone when you have some down time, go online and do it.  

4. ONLINE Incident Reports

To maximise your compliance history, educate and reinforce with all your workers and sub contractors to raise Incident Reports for all accidents and near misses, Instead of finding the form to complete simply go online with your phone to SmarterScreen and action it electronically. Your jurisdiction authority likes to see lots of Incident Reports.

5. ONLINE Job Setup and Management

Take total control of your business and plan all the jobs in advance, input all the primary details, upload all the relevant documents, select the appropriate SWMS and input your own notes recording your thoughts, instructions and advice to those who will carry out the task. Supervisors then have it all online at the worksite.

6. ONLINE Plant and Equipment Maintenance

Principal contractors are increasingly seeking proof of plant maintenance before providing site entry permission. Continue the messy old expensive task of rummaging around looking for bits and pieces of paper, then photocopying it all or simply press one button to receive a printout in date order of every pre-start and service and maintenance activity on each item of plant. 

7. ONLINE Training Register

Better manage all your employee records. Integrates with your user file so a very easy setup. Select your own headings and enjoy personalising your records the way you want them.

8. ONLINE Subby & Supplier Register

This module provides an extremely effective method of managing your sub-contractors and suppliers

  • Pre-Qual your sub-contractors to ensure maximum protection on your work sites

  • Manage your suppliers effectively

  • It is all available on the run from your phone

SmarterScreen is absolutely fantastic. We now have all our employees logged on as users.
— 2016-10 Grafton NSW (006)


Pictures displayed are all client work sites.