Tenders and Expressions of Interest...

Are your Tenders and Expressions of Interest giving grief, unsure of the answers and at times, unsure of the questions?

Smarter Safety does the Safety, Quality & Enviro component for clients. Because we do 10 - 12 every week we know how best to present your submission ensuring it moves rapidly to the top of the selection pile. No extra cost for this service.


Many clients enjoy full certification to all the standards. You can too!  Achieve certification the easy way, make us aware  and we will set the process in place to do what is necessary to have you achieve the result you desire with a minimum of fuss. The documentation flies through all audits without question or non conformance. There is no extra charge for this.


Achieve Pre-Qualification with any Principal Contractor. Our standard documentation exceeds every Pre-Qualification requirement. Allow us to make it happen for you. There is no extra charge by Smarter Safety to prepare and lead you through the process as this is part of our support program. The documentation flies through all audits without question. 

Skilled in achieving Certification and Pre-Qualification with...

  • Roads & Maritime Services, Department of Transport NT Government, Transport Main Roads QLD
  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Department of State Growth & Transport TAS
  • VicRoads, Main Roads Western Australia, Federal, State & Local Government including the Military
  • Energy, Road, Rail & Water Authorities, in fact any and all Corporate and Private Principal Contractors.

Smarter Safety Support Also Includes:


  • SmarterScreen is where your whole system is supplied ONLINE (no extra fee) with the latest documents for you to access when needed from anywhere where you have a mobile connection, even your work site
  • All is easily accessible to view, print or email - never be caught out again by a conscientous OHS/WHS officer
  • This is also where the ONLINE modules for mobile devices live - all accessible with just one tap on your screen.


plus many other private contractors

  • Is the answering of questions and uploading process giving you a head ache? Smarter Safety does it for you.

Hot Line...

  • Injury at work? phone 000 first, then Smarter Safety. Help on any OHS/WHS subject is just a phone call away

Government Legislation...

  • Smarter Safety is always watching for legislation updates and best industry practice changes
  • As they appear we update your SmarterScreen electronic documentation ensuring ongoing legal compliance.

You have your own OHS/WHS professional on payroll...

  • A highly skilled OH&S/WH&S professional on your payroll and in your management structure for tenders, expressions of interest and quotes makes the business look very impressive - Christine Morgan — GRAD DIP OH&S.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management...

  • New SDS are sourced and supplied via SmarterScreen and existing SDS are updated as necessary
  • Accessible to all your workers via their mobile device (even from the work site) at any time - no more printing paper

Site Safety Plans,  Project Plans &  Indigenous Employee Plans...

  • Smarter Safety provides Site Specific Safety Plans/Project Plans and Indigenous Employment Plans as required.

Sustainability and Chain of Responsibility Policies

  • Smarter Safety provides all required policies including Sustainability and Chain of Responsibility Policies if required.

Need a new SWMS for a new job process? 

  • Smarter Safety creates your required SWMS for all new work processes and then updates all of them as required.

Mobile Powered Plant Risk Assessments

  • Smarter Safety actions all new plant risk assessments and updates the existing copies as required
  • Ensures your mobile powered plant is compliant all the time and never refused entry to a work site.

Weekly Safety Alerts & Safety Talks

  • Fulfils your legal obligation to source information to better protect your workers. sub contractors and the public
  • Help to prevent the “unimaginable accident” by delivering awareness education
  • Display Safety Alerts on your notice board and utilise Safety Talks at Safety Meetings and then file them just in case you need to stand before a magistrate nd display proof that you were trying to look after your workers.

I would like to pass on our appreciation for the support you have provided since the implementation of the Smarter Safety IMS and the successful audit last week. We find the system to be user friendly and we are pleased that we have been able to achieve Certification.
— 2013-05 Wollongong NSW (133)


Pictures displayed throughout are all client work sites.