Our Health, Safety, Quality & Environment story...

Christine and Roger both finished their previous working lives in 2004 and incorporated Smarter Safety ready to launch in January 2005. This small venture has grown into a large successful business employing a number of their children all working from home offices or the mobile office when on the road. A family business in the true meaning of the words being supported by 3 daughters (Terri-Anne, Jane & Deonee) who update existing and create new systems plus a son (Leigh) who is a full time system specialist.

Christine (as Christine Richter) had 14 years with Pioneer Road Services (now Fulton Hogan) working at the "coal face" with her last 8 years as Quality, Safety & Enviro Mgr for VIC, SA & NT. Her formal study was completed in July 2005 achieving a Graduate Degree in OH&S. Roger with 30 years at the helm of his family's supermarket chain understands the difficulties experienced by independent business operators. 

Christine’s Pioneer paving crews were primarily made up of first generation European migrants; great fellas who built terrific roads but many didn't speak English well and most struggled to read and write it. Christine soon learn't to re-write "lawyer talk" procedures from Head Office making them brief & easy while ensuring a compliant result. The Smarter Safety IMS has  been written in this manner from the ground up. Necessary forms have a minimal writing requirement by the operator and you will not need a "high-flyer" to manage this IMS on a daily basis.

Smarter Safety also provides clients with a comprehensive support program. Support is extremely broad and includes professional Health, Safety, Quality & Enviro help with tenders & Expressions of Interest ensuring best results.

In 2013 we head hunted son Leigh from his position as IT Manager for a major Melbourne financial institution to share in the ever increasing interest in the business. Leigh spends much time at the coal face on major projects, answers all customer queries and has a passion for reading and understanding volumes of government legislation.  Leigh, along with his incredibly tech savvy sister Terri-Anne (who has her own cloud database development business in Vancouver) developed SmarterScreen and its unique online modules.  Development of new better business modules continues with more due for release this year.

A compliant and certifiable IMS with cutting edge integrated online technology puts Smarter Safety in a realm with no peers.

You are awesome! Thanks Leigh.
— 2017-09 Bendigo VIC (091)


Images shown throughout this site are all from client work sites