Got a moment?

Safe Work Australia, as part of National Safe Work Month, is reminding us that October is a time to commit to building safe and healthy workplaces for all. Safe Work has released Got a moment? which is an animation that shares safety experiences from a factory worker, farmer, corrections officer, chef, nurse, truck driver and construction worker.

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It really is "EASY PEASY"!

An easy to understand and easier to use IMS incorporating Safety, Quality & Enviro. 28 years experience & 265 installations all over Australia in every State & Territory.


An auditor says…
“The system is easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to implement”.
”They only have the forms required for legal compliance”.
”Provide intensive ongoing support to clients far above whatever I have seen”.
”Smarter Safety are up there with the best and are better than most”.

Worker crushed under his own truck

In September 2018, a worker sustained serious crush injuries to his hand, leg, pelvis and torso, as well as a collapsed lung when he was trapped under the wheels of his truck while delivering timber and plasterboard. He parked the truck on a very steep driveway to unload using a vehicle loading crane with which he may not have been familiar. There were no witnesses to the incident, but skid marks on the driveway indicated the truck had slid approximately 11 metres before crashing into a retaining wall. It is not clear how the worker became trapped and investigations are continuing. Workplace Health & Safety QLD

Well, could it?

Well, could it?

Smarter Safety allows you to work smarter, not harder

  • ONLINE Integrated Management System access

  • ONLINE Plant Register

  • ONLINE Plant Risk Assessment

  • ONLINE Safety Data Sheets

  • ONLINE Mobile Powered Plant Pre-Start

  • ONLINE Site Hazard Assessment / Toolbox Meeting

  • ONLINE Incident Report

  • ONLINE Crew or Depot Audit Report

  • ONLINE Job Setup and Management

  • ONLINE Integrated Plant & Equip Maintenance Mgnt

  • ONLINE Training Register

  • ONLINE Sub-Contractor & Supplier Management


A Subby Tip...

“Some things I would do to make me feel happier if I was employing contractors”.

  • Make sure you have observed the contractors work practices at some point in time (make an “audit” note in your diary) and are happy they work as safe as possible - raise awareness, be critical of their actions.

  • Have copies of their Construction Induction cards at your office.

  • Ensure they are doing daily Mobile Powered Plant Pre-Starts - ask for copies to be forwarded to you office weekly and spot check them.

  • Issue Site Specific Induction/Toolbox Meeting record forms to all contractors and have them return completed copies to your office weekly and check they are being properly completed.

  • Have all contractors read and sign the master copies of all relevant Safe

    Work Method Statements and keep a copy in the office on file and ensure

    there is a copy on the worksite at all times (eg in the van/ute).

  • All self employed people should conform to Australia’s OH&S laws and have

    their own systems in place. However this is often difficult to achieve from

    your contractors so an absolute minimum requirement is the above and

    check it regularly to help protect yourself from the magistrate in case of the

    “unimaginable accident”.

Christine Morgan

Smarter Safety


Bitumen Burns

Bitumen Burns Cards are an essential safety tool for anyone operating close to road works.

The Bitumen Burns Card is endorsed by the Australian & New Zealand Burn Association and provides advice to Medical Professionals regarding treatment.

Working with hot bituminous products is potentially dangerous, particularly when storing, heating, handling and spraying these materials.

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Maximise your compliance, protect your assets

Every week in every state and territory a business owner/manager is in court before a magistrate facing Health & Safety charges being laid by the authority (WorkSafe, WorkCover, SafeWork) in each jurisdiction.

In most cases relatively small $ fines are handed out and the business leaves with a conviction recorded. All to often this is followed by a litigation lawyer who is on a “cut of the action” representing the person/s who was/were injured. The business now has a conviction against them so there is no defence. It is just when & how much.

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As always, it is all OK until something goes wrong

The unimaginable accident occurs on your work site and somebody dials 000 for an emergency ambulance. Because it is a work site 000 informs police who must attend and seal the site until jurisdiction authority investigators arrive.

You are charged for non compliance and fined a few thousand dollars but that is only the start.

This is then followed by the litigation lawyers who get a cut of the action and you have no defence because of the successful prosecution by your jurisdiction authority. Face up to the potential of losing all you have worked for including your business, your savings and your home.


Experience counts, Smarter Safety is skilled in numerous industries

111 Civil/Earthmoving, 48 Asphalt/Bitumen, 16 Quarries, 13 Engineering Workshops, 9 Haulage, 8 Plumbers, 7 Builders, 7 Asphalt Plants, 6 Line Markers, 5 Electricians, 5 Mobile Cranes, 5 Fencers, 5 Drillers,  5 Arborists, 4 Traffic Mngnt, 4 Waste Removers, 3 Landscapers, 3 Hydro Excavators, 3 Sheep/Cattle/Cropping Stations, 3 Profilers, 3 Solar Installer, 2 Concrete Plant, 2 Pest Mgmt, 2 Grass Slashers, 2 Shire Councils, 2 Conveyor Maint, 2 Road Barrier Installers, 1 Concrete Paver, 1 Restaurant, 1 Concrete Pump, 1 Broadband Installer, 1 Winery/Vineyard, 1 Retailer/Wholesaler, 1 Liquid Waste Removals.