Smarter Safety is ONLINE and INTEGRATED - Your complete IMS on your own SmarterScreen with ONLINE Mobile Plant Pre-Starts, Site Hazard Assessment/Toolbox Meeting, Crew & Depot Audits, Incident Reporting, Job Setup and Management, Plant & Equip Maintenance and more.  Email Safety Plans, SWMS and Risk Assessments in fact anything from you phone on site.



Do I need a licence? Can't my boss just watch me, because they have their licence? 


No, the law requires you to hold your own license to perform things like asbestos removal, operating cranes and forklifts, and transporting dangerous goods. 


Client success

"We have just been awarded Pre-Qual with NSW Gov for jobs up to $1,000,000.

Getting our Smarter Safety IMS was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Not only is it assisting with our Health, Safety, Enviro and Quality but it has also permitted us to grow the business to something we had never dreamed of".

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Very strong recommendation...

---The Plant PreStart Checklist
---The Site Specific Induction / Toolbox Meeting

If there is an accident at work the first things WorkSafe will ask for are these two documents and documented proof that they have been completed every day/every job.


It is law in all states that a documented Plant Pre-Start Checklist is completed for each & every item of mobile powered plant prior to commencement that day.

It is law in all states that a documented Site Specific Induction-Toolbox Meeting must be fully completed for each and every job.


What is a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for?

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) contain health & safety information about the substances you use, including hazard classifications, first-aid measures, fire fighting, toxicology, handling, storage and disposal. 


It is law in every State and Territory that SDS for all hazardouus substances and dangerous goods used at work must be accessible to all employees on the worksite.

Sydney worker in hospital with head injury

A worker who suffered a serious head injury after being hit by a concrete pump at a western Sydney construction site is recovering in hospital. The 27-year-old man was working on the top floor of the unit block on Wrentmore Street at Fairfield when he was struck by the pump at about 8am on Monday, SafeWork NSW said.

Fire & Rescue crews aided paramedics in bringing the man down from the top of the five-storey block by using a cherry picker and transported him to Liverpool Hospital.

The man was hit while preparing a concrete pour, a SafeWork spokesman said.

Julia Carlisle, Australian Associated Press