Do you operate Fatigue-Regulated Heavy Vehicles?

If your company operates vehicles with a GVM over 12t or a combination when the total of the GVM is over 12t you need to be aware of your responsibilities under National Heavy Vehicle Laws and Regulations.

One of these responsibilities is that you will manage fatigue.

As a part of your Smarter Safety Integrated Management System you have a documented Fatigue Management Plan for Heavy Vehicle Drivers. This is either WHS-06.1 or OHS-06.1 depending on your state. You need to ensure all of your drivers are aware of this document and their responsibilities.

In order to correctly manage your Fatigue Management responsibilities, you are required to keep records of your drivers work and rest times and these should also be audited for accuracy. For some of you your drivers will be keeping a National Driver Work Diary but for those who are not, a written record of this information needs to be kept.

Smarter Safety has developed a form that is similar to the NDWD for use by drivers working within a 100km radius of their depot. If you would like us to add this form to your system please send an email to


Too much Christmas cheer can leave you with a liability!

Did you know that you can be held liable for the actions of your staff at a work Christmas Function?

Employers have a duty under workplace harassment and discrimination laws to take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment and/or discrimination from happening at work, and this extends to the workplace Christmas party!

Beware of that typical scenario:

Christmas party, a few drinks and then someone does or says something that offends another and it ends up having serious ongoing negative consequences for your staff and your business beyond that one night. Add the potential $ cost of claim against you for the drunk actions of just one staff member at your party, which could be anywhere upwards of $10,000!!!


A little birdie told us...

WorkSafe will soon be wanting to see documented proof of how skills were achieved, not the fact that workers have them.

How good is your training register?

Do you have a Training Register?

The Smarter Safety online Training Register better manages all your employee records. It integrates with your SmarterScreen user file so is a very easy setup. Select your own headings and enjoy personalising your records the way you want them.

$500 + $2 each week


What you MUST know about snake bites

That bite of summer has well and truly come early this year and with that heat, comes snakes.

♦ 3000 bites are reported annually

♦ 300-500 hospitalisations

♦ 2-3 deaths annually

Average time to death is 12 hours. The urban myth that you are bitten in the yard and die before you can walk from your chook pen back to the house is a load of rubbish. While not new, the management of snake bite (like a flood/fire evacuation plan or CPR) should be refreshed each season.

Read the whole INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT story here.


MSO is an abbreviation of Management System Overview

The MSO is unique to Smarter Safety and each client. It lives on SmarterScreen and is a "snapshot" of that client’s whole system The MSO has two primary purposes...

  1. Because Smarter Safety does 8-10 Tenders each week we know the questions being asked. Each client’s MSO contains detailed answers to those questions.

  2. The MSO is the BEST advertisement our clients have to promote their business to those principal contractors they want to work for.


This one is a real "no brainer".

Are you still printing heaps of paper and making lots of phone calls in an endeavor to ensure you have them all and they are “in-date” and accessible to all at all times.

Smarter Safety sources your SDS for you and then maintains and updates them as required for compliance. All are online and accessible by any employee or subby with authorised access from a mobile phone.

Click here to view a sample SDS Register


Absolute shocker

This week’s Absolute Shocker - trenching! The trench shield should extend above ground level so it will:

  • provide engulfment protection (note the trench wall above the shield)

  • allow back filling to the side of the shield (safe access to the shield and if a ladder is secured to it, safe access to the trench)

  • work as fall protection (if the shield is 900mm out of the ground, otherwise edge protection will need to be fitted to the shield).

Some other issues include:

  • the pump being too close to the unprotected trench edge with the;

    • risk of a worker falling into the trench while accessing the pump

    • risk of the pump falling into and onto someone in the trench

  • the fence ground anchor suspended above the shield edge

  • lack of traffic management on the road.

Never take shortcuts with trench safety.

WorkSafe VIC