Heads up Victoria

In Victoria, three workers have been fatally injured in the past year, and many other workers have been seriously injured due to falls from portable ladders. Starting this week, WorkSafe Victoria will be conducting a targeted blitz at domestic and commercial building sites on the use of portable ladders.

What will WorkSafe inspectors be checking? Inspectors will be checking to see if a ladder is in use and if it is the appropriate tool for the job.


Use the tips below to ensure your work site is using ladders correctly.

Safety tips for using portable ladders

Using a ladder to provide access to a work area In this scenario, the ladder must always:

♦ extend a minimum of 900mm above the landing

♦ be secured at the top and bottom

♦ be set up at a height to ratio of 4:1

♦ be set up so the user is able to maintain 3 points of contact eg: 2 feet, 1 hand.