Who Is Responsible for Safety?

Safety is everyone's responsibility! As an employee, you should:

♦ Learn to work safely and take all rules seriously.

♦ Recognize hazards and avoid them.

♦ Report all accidents, injuries & illness to supervisor immediately.

♦ Inspect tools before use to avoid injury.

♦ Wear all assigned personal protective equipment.

On the other hand, it is managements responsibility to:

♦ Provide a safe and healthy workplace

♦ Provide personal protective equipment

♦ Train employees in safe procedures & how to identify hazards.

Everyone must be aware of potential hazards on the job:

♦ Poor housekeeping results in slips, trips and falls

♦ Electricity can cause shocks, burns or fire if not handled properly

♦ Poor material handling may cause back problems or other injuries

♦ Tools and equipment can cause injuries if guards or protective devices are disengaged.

Always use the protections that are provided on the job:

♦ Guards on machines and tools keep body parts from contacting moving equipment

♦ Insulation on electrical equipment prevents burns, shock and fire

♦ Lockout/tagout assures equipment is de-energized before it is repaired

♦ Personal protective equipment shields your body from hazards you may face on the job.

In case of emergency:

♦ Understand alarms and evacuation routes

♦ Know how to notify emergency response personnel

♦ Implement a procedure for leaving the scene safely so emergency personnel can do their job

♦ Wipe up spills promptly and correctly.