Do you operate Fatigue-Regulated Heavy Vehicles?

If your company operates vehicles with a GVM over 12t or a combination when the total of the GVM is over 12t you need to be aware of your responsibilities under National Heavy Vehicle Laws and Regulations.

One of these responsibilities is that you will manage fatigue.

As a part of your Smarter Safety Integrated Management System you have a documented Fatigue Management Plan for Heavy Vehicle Drivers. This is either WHS-06.1 or OHS-06.1 depending on your state. You need to ensure all of your drivers are aware of this document and their responsibilities.

In order to correctly manage your Fatigue Management responsibilities, you are required to keep records of your drivers work and rest times and these should also be audited for accuracy. For some of you your drivers will be keeping a National Driver Work Diary but for those who are not, a written record of this information needs to be kept.

Smarter Safety has developed a form that is similar to the NDWD for use by drivers working within a 100km radius of their depot. If you would like us to add this form to your system please send an email to