A Subby Tip...

“Some things I would do to make me feel happier if I was employing contractors”.

  • Make sure you have observed the contractors work practices at some point in time (make an “audit” note in your diary) and are happy they work as safe as possible - raise awareness, be critical of their actions.

  • Have copies of their Construction Induction cards at your office.

  • Ensure they are doing daily Mobile Powered Plant Pre-Starts - ask for copies to be forwarded to you office weekly and spot check them.

  • Issue Site Specific Induction/Toolbox Meeting record forms to all contractors and have them return completed copies to your office weekly and check they are being properly completed.

  • Have all contractors read and sign the master copies of all relevant Safe

    Work Method Statements and keep a copy in the office on file and ensure

    there is a copy on the worksite at all times (eg in the van/ute).

  • All self employed people should conform to Australia’s OH&S laws and have

    their own systems in place. However this is often difficult to achieve from

    your contractors so an absolute minimum requirement is the above and

    check it regularly to help protect yourself from the magistrate in case of the

    “unimaginable accident”.

Christine Morgan

Smarter Safety