Absolute shocker

This week’s Absolute Shocker - trenching! The trench shield should extend above ground level so it will:

  • provide engulfment protection (note the trench wall above the shield)

  • allow back filling to the side of the shield (safe access to the shield and if a ladder is secured to it, safe access to the trench)

  • work as fall protection (if the shield is 900mm out of the ground, otherwise edge protection will need to be fitted to the shield).

Some other issues include:

  • the pump being too close to the unprotected trench edge with the;

    • risk of a worker falling into the trench while accessing the pump

    • risk of the pump falling into and onto someone in the trench

  • the fence ground anchor suspended above the shield edge

  • lack of traffic management on the road.

Never take shortcuts with trench safety.

WorkSafe VIC