We are different to the others and very proud of that...

  • Your whole IMS is supplied already uploaded on your own password controlled "SmarterScreen".
  • 24/7 secure access via computer, tablet or smart phone; even from the work site if necessary for all employees
  • Four levels of secure login. Each level permits access to what that person needs and nothing else
  • Provides the ability for Smarter Safety to be constantly updating all supported systems as required as a result of magistrate decisions, coroners outcomes and industry best practice so the online version is ALWAYS up to date.
  • There is no extra fee for SmarterScreen which displays the whole IMS and includes Mobile Powered Plant Register, Mobile Powered Plant Risk Assessments and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) management.
  • There are small setup fees and minimal server storage fees for our online modules should you choose to use them...

OPTIONAL ONLINE Integrated Smarter Suite is a package of the four primary safety compliance modules...

  1. Plant PreStarts (identified faults result in a copy being emailed to whom you specify allowing action in advance of the machine coming in),
  2. Site Hazard / Toolbox (includes the ability for each attendee to sign on screen as proof of attendance)
  3. Crew & Depot Audits (because these audits are in your mobile phone you can choose to take action immediately a moment becomes free)
  4. Incident Reports - all can immediately submit an Incident Report to SmarterScreen and an email copy automatically goes to the responsible person for action.

OPTIONAL ONLINE Integrated Job Setup and Management...

  • This module is an electronic forward job planner allowing you to plan all jobs in advance, add in the required SWMS, upload all relevant documents, input contacts, add notes etc and the result appears on SmarterScreen for appointed supervisors to action.
  • By default the whole job history is archived on SmarterScreen and can be easily accessed again as required.
  • Excellent for those with multiple crews.

OPTIONAL ONLINE Integrated Plant & Equip Maintenance Mgnt...

  • This module enables disciplined record management to provide as proof of compliance to principal contractors and your jurisdiction authorities when requested.
  • Virtually no setup required because this module integrates with your Smarter Safety online Plant Register which is initially set up to create your Mobile Powered Plant Risk Assessments.
  • Online Pre-Starts integrate with Plant and Equipment Maintenance providing a viewable/printable overview of each item of plant activity normally only ever dreamt about.
  • Provides excellence beyond belief in compliance management.

Our latest addition

in June 2018

OPTIONAL ONLINE Integrated Training Register...

  • easy to use
  • training types unique to you
  • track training record expiry dates
  • print a professional report for clients
  • multiple images can be loaded for each training record.

Plus more "home grown" modules to be released in coming months...

  • OPTIONAL ONLINE Sub-Contractor Management - an internal pre-qualification system to better protect you from the law
  • OPTIONAL ONLINE Induction for all new employees, sub-contractors and if required revisions for improved compliance.

Please Note:

Our optional online software modules are made available to Smarter Safety IMS users at a VERY LOW PRICE, not because they are not worth much but because selling software services is not our primary source of income. Selling and supporting our IMS is our primary source of income. The online modules are designed to enhance our IMS making it by far the most advanced Integrated Management System on the market today.


Pictures displayed throughout are all client work sites.