• Smarter Safety does not take our obligations to clients lightly.

    • We believe it is our responsibility to maximise protection for clients, their employees, sub-contractors & the public.

    • Our weekly "Better Business" newsletter fulfills everyone's lawful compliance obligations to source knowledge to better protect those on and about their work site.

    • This not only applies to the boss, but all in the Chain of Responsibility - managers, supervisors, leading hands etc.

    • If something goes wrong on the job EVERYONE inclusive of fellow workers can become legally implicated and subject to a Magistrate's decision as they implement Australia's health & safety laws which in some states now include Industrial Manslaughter with other states currently considering bringing it in.

  • Smarter Safety emails the newsletter titled "Better Business" every Monday with the following...

    • Safety Alerts, Safety Talks, Safety Tips, Safety Posters

    • News reports on industrial accidents to alert clients to take action to prevent the same on their work site

    • Tips on how to maximise the Smarter Safety IMS and it's online modules

    • Thoughts on how to best present your business to Principal Contractors to ensue more rewarding contracts

  • Some tips to maximise your outcomes...

    • The opening of the "Better Business" newsletter and subsequent use of relevant information therein on Notice Boards, with pay slips and at Safety Meetings will generate a trail of compliance your defence lawyer will be seeking to better build your defence in the case of that "unimaginable accident" on your work site.

    • eep a record of date up and date down of documents on the notice board

    • Do you have a Notice Board? If not, best you organise one and make someone responsible for it

    • Ensure all at your Safety Meetings sign off as being in attendance.


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