A low cost easy to use Integrated Management System with Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Management that is 100% compliant with minimal documentation.

Smarter Safety Testimonials:

These are comments from clients made during the normal course of conversation since when Smarter Safety commenced through to now. Should you wish to seek further information in relation to these testimonials or in fact seek a reference from any of our clients please contact Roger. Christine and Roger value these unsolicited statements and are very thankfull for these kind words, it is a pleasure to work with such nice people.

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A Quality, Safety & Environmental Management Systems Auditor's Opinion...

Christine & Roger Morgan from Smarter Safety have supplied a superior management system to Rock ‘N’ Road Bitumen in Mackay, Queensland.

Without the Integrated Management System (Quality WHS and Environment) supplied by Smarter Safety to Rock ‘N’ Road Bitumen and the exceptional ongoing support this business would not have achieved certification to...

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System - AS4801:2001,
  • Quality Management System - AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008,
  • Environmental Management System -AS/NZS  ISO 14001:2004.

The Smarter Safety System is easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to implement. Their system has only the forms needed to ensure lawful compliance. They provide intensive ongoing support to clients over and above whatever I have seen. I regularly audit many companies all over Australia including the likes of Leightons, Telstra, Nestle and Smarter Safety are up there with the best and better than most.

Olga Lihou
MSc OHS, BSc Chem, Grad Cert OHS, MRACI (JAS/ANZ Auditor)
Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Assessor


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"You are AWESOME!! Thanks Leigh".
2017-09 Bendigo VIC (091) 

"We would like to express what a great help Christine has been with our current triple certification process. The service we have received has been amazing".
2017-09 Launceston TAS (172)

"I showed my system documentation to a principal contractor representative from a multi million dollar company and he said they have three people employed to manage theirs and my Smarter Safety IMS was much better".
2017-08 Colac VIC (222)

"The JAZ/ANZ auditor was extremely complimentary on our Smarter Safety SWMS".
2017-08 Altona VIC (155)

"Leigh, we wouldn’t have done it without you mate, thank you for all your valued assistance throughout the most stringent contractor acceptance system I have ever encountered. Smarter Safety’s support has been exceptional, and is immensely appreciated by all of us."

2017-07 Launceston TAS (172)

"I am retiring from Xxxxx Xxxxx, with Xxxx Xxxx taking over my role as IMS Manager. It has been an exciting time over the past four years working for Xxxxx Xxxxx, and over that time Xxxxx Xxxxx has grown from one $500 k project to now having over 40 employees and a turnover off $15,000,000 pa. This incredible growth would not have been possible without our friends at Smarter Safety, the system you provide and the great support of the system has allowed Xxxxx Xxxxx to meet our compliance needs in a very effective way."
2017-07 Luddenham NSW (193)

"Your awesome, thank you."
2017-06 Mackay QLD (079)

"I was carrying out some asphalt paving works on a Vic Roads job for a client of mine last Sunday Night. The VicRoads officer asked to see all of our swms, risk assessments etc. which I handed to him so he could read over. Once he had finished he handed them back and said he was very impressed with the amount of detail they went in too. This VicRoads officer is well known in my line of work for giving contractors a hard time because he is so strict “by the book” & extremely hard to impress. I just wanted to share that with you & say thanks for the great work, you made my night a lot easier after that."
2017-06 Yarra Junction VIC (138)

"Our WorkSafe audit went really well. He was very impressed in our Smarter Safety system saying that businesses 4 or 5 times larger than us don’t have anything near as good."
2017-05 Geelong VIC (197)

"SmarterScreen is very good, I am extremely pleased with it. Everybody has access to everything which is terrific."
 2017-03 - North Melbourne (132)

"We were successful in obtaining prequalification with Xxxxxxxxx Energy thanks! The feedback we received was that our safety documentation was to a high standard."
2017-02 - Parkes NSW (179) 

"You make things so easy Christine, I love it."
2017-01 - Bayswater VIC (217) 

"Thank you very much, it is great to have good old fashioned customer service as you don't get that very much these days".
2016-11 - Narangba QLD (209)

"That Management System Overview booklet is sensational".
2016-11 - Echuca VIC (171)

"The system works. Everyone loves it, having no problems with any audits and just today we were accepted onto the panel and tagged priority one. Now I want to make it better and start the electronic Pre-Starts".
2016-11 - Griffith NSW (213)

“The SWMS you did the other week for us, they bl@@dy loved it. So much easier with the help from you guys.”
2016-11 - Griffith NSW (213)

"SmarterScreen is absolutely fantastic, we now have all our employees logged on as users."
2016-10 - Grafton NSW (006)

"I have had my daughter upload some records to the new Plant & Equipment Maintenance Management module in her spare time during the school holidays and I’m happy with the ease of data entry and the PDF that it produces to give to our clients We would like to go ahead with the purchase of this additional module."
2016-09 - Parkes NSW (179)

"I have uploaded all our plant maintenance records since 2013 (to the Smarter Safety online Plant & Equipment Maintenance Management module) and I am very impressed with the reporting."
2013-09 - Cranebrook NSW (135)

CLIENT - 20 September, 2016 2:48 PM - "Hi Leigh, Do you happen to have a SWMS for safety harnesses at height?"
S/SAFETY - 21 September 2016 2:49 PM - "Hi Ally, I have created one for you and uploaded it to your SmarterScreen. Its SWMS 22. If you have any questions let me know."
CLIENT - 21 September, 2016 3:34 PM - "Legend".
2016-09 - Moriac VIC (101)

"Must say everyone has been impressed (with the Smarter Safety IMS & it's online modules), looking forward to catching up soon.
2016-08 -  Bega NSW (196)

"Smarter Safety SWMS are brilliant. We send them off for government work and no one ever complains?.
2016-08 - Katherine NT (202)

"Hi Christine, Woohoo he's happy. Thank you for all your help."
2016-08  - Bega NSW (188)

"I have been in the road construction industry for 20 years and have seen a lot of systems and this one (Smarter Safety) looks great and I know it is going to work. It is easy to use and easy to understand. Fantastic that it is all in one spot on SmarterScreen. We are very excited to be working with Smarter Safety. It is good to be working with someone who has been in the industry for such a long time and knows how it all works."
2016-07 - Narangba QLD (209)

"Thank you so much Christine, your worth your weight in gold."
2016-07 - Baldivis WA (039)

"Referring to the Job Management module, Ally said “How good is this, how easy is it to use.” Mark said “How easy is that? It is going to make life so much easier.”
2016-07 - Moriac VIC (101)

"It is a great system and easy for staff to use."
2016-07 - Luddenham NSW (193)

"Gerard from XXXXXXXX has had a look at online Pre-Starts this morning and he was very excited about it. He is uploading the Traffic Management plant so it comes up on each PreStart. The online Pre-Start has a lot of items not included on their paper version and he was excited to see structural cracking as one of the items online as they have just had a safety note sent out from RMS about cracking on TMA’s".
2016-06 - Wollongong NSW (133)

"Thank you Christine, didn’t expect a reply so quickly."
2016-06 - Orange NSW (206)

"Hopefully over the next few weeks you should see a much greater use of Smarter Safety (online modules) by Xxxxx Xxxxx, it is a great system."
2016-05 - Luddenham NSW (193)

"RE: Vic Roads R2 pre-qualified - Hi Christine. Just had to share this with you. So pleased."
2016-05 - Myrtleford VIC (159)

"Hi Roger, much appreciated."
2016-05 - Burra SA (203)

"We recommended him (a new client) to you as you have done such a great job for us over the years and thought it would be nice to repay you in some small way. "
2016-05 - Orange NSW (007)

"Thanks Christine for your prompt action and absolutely loving the SmarterScreen, congrats on a great job!"
2016-05 - Grafton NSW (006)

"Just got that big job with Murrundindi Shire and it was our Smarter Safety documentation that won it for us - thank you."
2015-12 - Wodonga VIC (205)

"Jeff & Luke were quite appreciative of you getting the system up and running – so was I."
2015-12 - Wodonga VIC (205)

"Thanks so much for your help Christine! Would be lost without you."
2015-12 - Clare SA (059)

"Thank you so much for the quick turnaround. Every time I think we have it finished someone comes up with something else to add! Thank god we have you guys to help out and get it all right!!!!
2015-11 - Queanbeyan ACT (200)

"Fabulously professional, highly valuable and resourceful system that Smarter Safety is."
2015-10 - Moree NSW (191)

"I’ve been looking through the online library; the information is great and I’ve printed off several of the resources."
2015-10 - Moree NSW (191)

"Congratulations, I have just had word that your Project Safety Plan passed their (Sydney Water) scrutiny."
2015-09 - Sydney NSW (074)

"Thank you for prompt service. Looks good and can’t wait."
2015-08 - Katherine NT (202)

"Joe (not his real name) is 57 and was really spooked by it (Electronic PreStart), he is now enjoying using it"
2015-08 - Bega NSW (196)

"I can say that my boys enjoy using it (Electronic Pre-Starts and Site Hazard/Toolbox)"
2015-08 - Bega NSW (196)

"We were successful with one of the Graincorp tenders!! So thank you for helping me in completing the tender. Also we recently started a job at the Parkes Airport and had positive feedback on our SWMS and safety documentation that we provided them which is great".
2015-08 - Parkes NSW (179)

"Thank goodness for Leigh he was such a great help the last few weeks with PICS (Contractor Pre-Qual) and we would not have got through without his help".
2015-08 - Ararat VIC (022)

"That new Job Setup/Management program is working like a pearler".
2015-08 - Bega NSW (196)

"After meeting with yourself & Christine all those years ago we wouldn’t have gone anywhere else!"
2015-08 - Orange NSW (199)

“This (SmarterScreen) is awesome. Online systems makes things so much easier. You can see what I can see and any issues can be dealt with so easily. We have had three near misses since starting to use the system so its great for our record keeping.
2015-08 - Bega NSW (196)

"We got pre qual with Wodonga City Council.  Thanks".
2015-06 - Myrtelford VIC (159)

"Just checked out the SmarterScreen - very impressive".
2015-06 - Leeton NSW (189)

"Can I say that the induction booklet is great".
2015-05 - Luddenham NSW (193)

"This looks great! Thank you all for getting this happening so quickly".
2015-05 - Bathurst NSW (192)

"Vicroads said our paperwork is one of  the best they have seen".
2015-04 - Kilmore VIC (067)

"SmarterScreen makes everything so easy to find and to use; even Steve loves it".
2015-04 - Parkes NSW (179)

"Council love the online stuff"
2015-03 - Undera VIC (177)

"Thanks Christine. Much appreciated!!"
2015-02 - Cooroy QLD (184)

"Thanks Roger – you are quick- Love it!!".
2014-12 - Bathurst NSW (142)

"Have no problems listing the machines and uploading photographs – very easy to set up and works well (Electronic Plant Risk Assessments).
2014-11 - Clare SA (059)

"Smarter Safety setup was efficient and easy. The service is OUTSTANDING and always quick to respond to requests, even when they are on holidays. Their  IMS has assisted us in expanding our business and given us confidence in accessible and reliable information for our team members with SmarterScreen."
2014-11 - Helensburgh NSW (174)

"You don’t realise how much you help me and give me the confidence going forward on all our safety issues. Thanks once again and enjoy your weekend."
2014-11 - Mackay QLD (068)

"Pretty impressed with the website (SmarterScreen)".
2014-11 - Swan Hill VIC (112)

"Enjoying the recent upgrades to the SmarterSystem (great work)."
2014-10 - Mittagong NSW (176)

"Thank you very much, you are really a God Send."
2014-10 - Helensburgh NSW (174)

"Wow that’s good. The chemical register works really well."
2014-09 - Clare SA (059)

"Thanks Roger – you are always so quick – it’s much appreciated!"
2014-09 - Bathurst NSW (142)

Not sure if this email can subscribe me to your Safety Alerts.  They are so worthwhile and full of such valuable info.
Olga Lihou
MSc OHS, BSc Chem, Grad Cert OHS, MRACI
Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Assessor (2014-09)

"Thanks – that was fast!!!"
2014-09 - Bathurst NSW (142)

"Thank you for doing that. It (SmarterScreen) will certainly save us a lot of time and paper! Excellent stuff".
2014-08 - Glendenning NSW (134)

"Thank you very much Roger I do appreciate your speed. Enjoy the day".
2014-08 - Helensburgh NSW (174)

"This is the first time we are able to include a quality component to the tender so wanted to ensure I was using the correct document. Once again a very impressive IMS".
2014-08 - Mittagong NSW (176)

"Very impressive IMS Quality Procedures"
2014-08 - Mittagong NSW (176)

"Loving the pre start (SmarterStart) checklist."
2014-08 - Mittagong NSW (176)

"Thanks for your help with the SWMS, they have been accepted by the client".
2014-08 - Darwin NT (175)

"I really do appreciate your help with these tenders; takes so much of my mind getting a professional to do it".
2014-07 - Mackay QLD (088)

"Thanks for that, it will be handy to have the Safety Data Sheets at site and up to date".
2014-06 - Bathurst NSW (142)

"Very impressed with SmarterScreen. Looks so clean and easy to navigate".
2014-06 - Cranebrook NSW (135)

"It puts confidence in me to think that we are finally going to have information at our finger tips and a couple willing to exceed expectations with their knowledge and work ethic. We look forward to working with you both".
2014-06 - Helensburg NSW (174)

"Thank you for your continuous support during this RMS Application for R1 and A1 process".
2014-06 - Riverstone NSW (136)

"Thanks for the Material Safety Data Sheet updates, your system makes it so easy".
2014-01 - Castlemaine VIC (004)

"I won the rail trail contract you helped me with - thank you".
2014-01 - Leongatha VIC (062)

"Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for all help in 2013 and looking forward to working with you again in 2014".
2013-12 - Mackay QLD (088)

In relation to their Safety Plan - "everyone blown away by our presentation and they have been fantastic" (in securing work).
2013-12 - Carrum Downs VIC (125)

"Thanks for all your help, it was far more than I expected".
2013-11 - Colac VIC (156)

"I have been meaning to contact you to thank you for the help with the tender which we were awarded with the Golden Plains Shire, feel sure without your great work that could have been a different result. Thank you so much."
2013-11 - Cape Clear VIC (123)

"On behalf of myself and the team, I would like pass on our appreciation for the support that you have provided since the implementation of the “Smarter Safety System” and all the way through to the successful audit last week.We find the system to be user friendly and we are particularly pleased that we have been able to achieve Certification."
2013-05 - Wollongong NSW (133)

"We did really well with VicRoads. She loves us. We are now approved."
2013-05 - Bendigo VIC (091)

"Congratulations Roger and Christine. You truly deserve such recognition for the amazing service you provide. Where would any of us be without you both?"
2013-05 - Cranebrook NSW (135)