A low cost easy to use Integrated Management System with Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Management that is 100% compliant with minimal documentation.

Smarter Safety Services:

We have created and installed way over 200 Integrated Management Systems incorporating Work Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management that are 100% compliant to...

  • Federal Work Health & Safety Act and Regulations - 01/01/2012
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management System - AS4801:2001
  • Quality Management System - AS/NZS 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management System -AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
allowing you to be fully compliant with the law while giving you a proven tool that WILL generate extra income.

In a nutshell Smarter Safety provides EVERYTHING you need..
  • to comply with the law in your state or territory,
  • to more than satisfy the toughest principal contractor,
  • to have the document/s needed to impress all your principal contractors,
  • to have the confidence to tender for much bigger jobs and know you will have a better than excellent chance of winning them,
  • to help protect your business from litigation lawyers in case of the unimaginable accident.

Our primary points of difference are...

  1. We will do it at a much lower cost and you will quickly see the positive results,
  2. Your system is specifically designed for your business as there are no "off the shelf templates" here,
  3. It is all delivered 100% completed and ready to go, no setup work for you,
  4. All of our systems breeze through 3rd party certification and pre-qual requirements if this is what you are seeking,
  5. The new system will be supported 24/7 on an ongoing basis at an affordable rate ensuring continual lawful compliance and satisfying the needs of your principal contractors as they continually seek higher levels of compliance,
  6. A suite of electronic applications revolving around each individual client's own SmarterScreen page makes an easy system even easier. 
  7. In this age of technology Smarter Safety is way out in front with Australia's most unique and effective Integrated Management System application.
  8. You are dealing with the business owners who spend most of their time at the "coal face" and we are passionate about ensuring our client's satisfaction by delivering far more than is expected.