A low cost easy to use Integrated Management System with Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Management that is 100% compliant with minimal documentation.

Smarter Safety - Why do we call it Smarter Safety?

Christine’s paving crews at Pioneer Road Services were primarily made up of first generation European migrants; great fellas who built terrific roads but many didn't speak English well and most struggled to read and write it. Christine soon learnt to re-write procedures making them brief and easy while ensuring a legally compliant result.

The necessary forms have a minimal writing requirement by the operator and you will not need an office person to manage your Smarter Safety Integrated Management System on a daily basis like other systems that are available.

The Smarter Safety Integrated Management System incorporating Work Health & Safety, Quality and Environmental Management has been written with simplicity in mind while ensuring legal compliance

Integrated Management Systems don't need to be…

Longwinded with lots of padding...

  • Why have a 5 page procedure when 2 pages does it?

Difficult to understand...

  • No long legal words to  make the writer feel important

Hard work to maintain and manage...

  • Minimal forms with minimal writing and little downtime.

A burden to maintain...

  • You won’t need to work late or employ somebody to run it.


All IMS documentation on your own secure web page (we call it SmarterScreen) and accessible via any mobile device that has a connection.

Integrated ONLINE modules make it's use even easier...

  • Mobile Powered Plant Pre-Starts
  • Site Hazard Assessment/Toolbox Meetings
  • Depot & Crew Audits
  • Incident Reports
  • Job Setup & Management
  • Plant & Equipment Maintenance

This is the most effective Health, Safety Quality & Enviro solution
in Australia today...

Certifiable documentation, 24/7 support and futuristic delivery.

Smarter Safety